HOT MEN DANCE (HMD) as team: The team was formed in 2012 under the name Dirty paradise and later was renamed to Hot Men Dance. The founder of the team, Pietro Jackson, is a double man strip European champion & World champion (2015), professional model and regular member of several popular male dance teams abroad. He founded this genre and developed it into perfection after seven years experience in this profession, contiguous learning and planning. (However, according to him „there is always a space to grow”) The genre mustn’t be confused with the chippendale category. The rest of the team consists of professional models and sportsmen, whose personality and character is aligned with their appearance on the stage. The conception of the show is to adapt for stage a popular movie in HMD style. Generally, these are all night long shows to entertain and fascinate the weaker sex. The first show of this kind was the Magic Mike Night in 2012, which was inspired by the Magic Mike movie and had immediate success at home. After this, the enormous number of requests did not left time for staying amateurs. In 2013, to enhance all of this success, the Hot Men Dance put on stage the Twilight Night show, which was based on the well-known Twilight movie. Scenic costumes, choreographed shows, wolfs, vampires and Dracula on-stage in HMD style. This performance was so unique that after this, series of requests were received from abroad. The team could enjoy the female audience of Vienna, Milan, Rome, Salzburg, Prague, Bucharest, Geneva, Linz, Bratislava and other European big cities. This success gave so much power to the team that they decided to make their 3rd show in 2014. This means, they were able to accomplish a new show on yearly bases at home and abroad as well. Nobody was able to reach this level in this category in Eastern Europe before! Above all, the guys decided to make their dream comes true and put on stage The Avengers under the name Heroes Night. This show presents heroes like the handsome Thor, Captain America and Ironman. It was the most spectacular show for the ladies in Europe ever combined with erotic elements. The costumes were designed and developed more than a year by professional designers and with the help of teams from Hollywood, Shanghai and Budapest. It is on show from October 2014. The guys guarantee that the ladies won’t be disappointed ;)

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